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Maternity Photography

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Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful time in your life, full of pleasant surprises. It often brings out the kindness in people, with them smiling at you, opening doors, offering you a seat, not to mention your glowing skin and possibly luxurious hair. Of course you would enjoy a keepsake of this special time to cherish for years to come.

You want to get the most out of your Maternity Session so here are some secrets to truly beautiful pregnancy portraits:

Wait until you are big and round but not too big. - You should have a large, clearly pregnant belly but not so large that posing is too difficult. Experts suggest 30 weeks - your belly will be big but not too heavy.

Pick your favorite setting. - Location is important as it can contribute to your mood during a session. In studio can be very cozy, or you may be more comfortable at your home, or you may be adventurous and want to go on location like the beach, for example!

Wear something snug, stretchy, or flowing. - Show off that beautiful belly with a fitted top or be wrapped in flowy fabric. There is no limit on outfit changes at Mirasol Photography so you can try lots of clothing options.

Relax. - It's important to feel comfortable during your session so bring your spouse, mom, sister, friend, whomever you need for support (or as a prop!)

Feel free to speak up with your ideas or if you need a break. It's also essential that you feel comfortable with your photographer, so call me so we can have a chat. I can assure you that while you may not feel your best while you're pregnant you will enjoy your personalized portrait session and you'll look incredibly beautiful.

Thanks for reading!

- Wendy