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Family Portraits

In this economy, we can only afford to spend money on things that really matter. Family Photography is one of those things.

How do you feel about your parents' portraits or your grandparents'? I know how I feel about mine. Looking at those moments between people so like me has always made me truly feel part of a family, even connected to relatives I have never met.

You can click here to view some Family moments from Mirasol Photography.

There is no doubt that Family Portraits are important and yet we always mean to get them done but we don't. In view of that, I present this suggestion:

- Don't view Family Portraits simple as a means to an end but as an experience in itself.

A custom Family portrait session is a mini vacation, a chance to contemplate our cherished relationships, and create a priceless heirloom. For much less than the price of a family vacation you can head to a local park or beach enjoy the beautiful Bay Area scenery and have a beautiful keepsake of your lives together as a family.

You will not regret the time and effort spent creating your Family Portrait. So call me at 510.219.9497 or email me here.

- Wendy