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Diva Portraits


He asked you! And you said yes! Now you're picking out the dress, the shoes, the earrings, your hairstyle... Or maybe that was all done before you met him. In any case you want to remember how happy and beautiful you feel right now long after you and your fiance's special day.

The keepsake of Bridal Photography is just perfect for this point in your wedding planning. It'll free up time on your wedding day and gives you a chance to try out all your style and beauty choices to see if they'll work or if they are even comfortable! Also it's a great time to stop the planning and relax and reflect on this beautiful time in your life.

You can also combine your Bridal Portrait session with a Diva Session. A Diva session is a Glamour and Beauty portrait session that can be anything you like. From casual headshots to high fashion, even show off how great you look in some of your Bridal Shower gifts, it's up to you. And a photo book of your Diva portraits make a perfect wedding gift for your fiance!